Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Food Blog Award!

I couldn't believe it recently when messages saying "Congrats on the Food Blog Award!" started coming in. What?!? It turns out that Vegan Lunch Box has won again!

VLB won a 2006 Food Blog Award from Well Fed Network in the category "Best Food Blog - Family/Kids".

I'm thrilled that so many families -- both vegan and omnivorous -- are enjoying the healthy, cruelty-free, kid-friendly lunches I try to put out there each week. I hope that if all of us out there take steps to make our meals just a bit healthier and a bit more compassionate day by day, that we will make a huge difference in our family's health and in the greater world around us.

Thank you so much to Well Fed Network and to everyone who voted!


OshinkoTickle said...

Fantastic!!! Congratuations!

Liz said...

Congratulations! Tonight I packed my first all-vegan lunchbox for work tomorrow, including a piece of cornbread from the recipe in your book. I'm omni but have been eating less meat over the past year. I have a lot of days where I eat no meat but it's dairy & eggs that are hard for me to give up.

richard said...

congrats on the award!

p.s. liz -- the cornbread is great


Liz said...


couscouscaboose said...


Veg-a-Nut said...

Awesome award for an awesome blog!

Melissa West said...

Congratulations on making the world a better place one bento lunch box at a time! You rock!

The Little Pink Pig said...

Congratulations on this much-deserved award! I'm so happy for you!

SweetGeorge said...

I voted for you and its not a surprise at all that you won...your blog is amazing!

the.victoria said...

i'm so excited! i just bought your book. i know it will help me pack lunches for my veggie daughter & plan meals for my omni partner. thank you, jennifer! :)


condiment_girl said...

Way to go! Awesome blog.

NightOwl said...

Congratulations!! You deserve it!

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Zedral Z said...

I think your blog is fantastic. I am planning to get a copy of your cookbook as well. I can't wait to get some of your recipes, especially the barley and poppy seed crust filled with autumn vegetables (that leaves and sticks lunch). It looks fab. I've been working on my cookbook for ages now, with the hope of one day being published. Any tips?

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