Monday, July 05, 2010

Homestyle Favorites Made Meatless

Those of you with my second book might notice my friend Renee Pottle's book Homestyle Favorites Made Meatless listed in the Recommended Resources. I'm happy to announce that the book is now available at her website, Wine Barrel Gourmet, where she also sells mixes for healthy soups, pasta dishes, wholegrain breads, and more.

Renee's latest book is all about cooking with meat substitutes. I've been paging through my copy; the recipes are mostly old-fashioned favorites that you may have grown up with. Think hearty, down-home meals like ChickN and Dumplings, Sweet and Spicy Chops, Burgundy Beef, Salisbury Steak, and Fish Tacos, all made healthier and meat-free.

The book also contains a helpful list of some of the different meat substitutes available, and lets you choose which one you would like to use in any given recipes. For example, options for pork chops include Cedar Lake Meatless Chops, Field Roast Deli Slices, Worthington Choplets, or baked tofu. Cooks can take their pick and follow the recipe from there, so you're always able to find a vegan choice. Vegan recipes are noted, and many more can easily be made vegan by using nondairy milk products.

Check out this picture of Renee's Paella, one of the "Meatless ChickN Favorites". Looks yummy!

Also, I just noticed if you order the book from her website you'll get a free bonus: "The Meatless Pantry Checklist" and "Meatless Pantry Creations - Design Your Own Soup, Stir-Fry and more!" A PDF version is even available.


Kittie said...

Wow, that paella looks great :) good to see you blogging. I've been reading previous blogs, haha.

Bianca said...

Oooh, this book sounds like something I would love! I'm all about veganized comfort foods.

Katie said...

mmm those sound good. wish I could try dumplings or vegetarian sweet and sour (or spicy) chik'n sometime :)

mistyeyed said...

I LOVE paella. And, that looks amazing! Thanks for the recommendation.

Yarrow said...

Hello, I just ordered a Laptop Lunch system for my five year old daughter who is starting kindergarten this year. We are so pleased with th 10% discount you offered. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have both your books, and I am so happy I found the blog to go with them...

I love colorful containers and even though I am 25, I am a child at heart. I love your visually appealing (and yummy) creations.

Thank you so much for this blog.. Its such a joy to look through!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I've just been introduced to your blog and have already implemented some of your suggestions. As a fellow writer I wonder if you are open to guest posts? If so, I'll send you an article idea. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Kelly

Joanna Cake said...

Hey Jennifer,

Being from the UK, Ive not seen any of those brands before and I would love to dish my vegan up a 'pork' chop but a problem we are noticing over here is the sudden increased use of yeast extract as a flavouring in so many vegan substitutes.

I have a yeast intolerance so it's making the vegan meets carnivore foodfest something of a trial involving vast amount of ingredient scrutiny on every shopping trip.

Is it the same in the US?

With Best Wishes
Joanna x

efrat said...

Dear Jennifer,
I´m currently debating whether to give ¨The Vegan Lunchbox¨ as a present for my mom´s 50th birthday. There are two cons to this: my mom's english is not very good, and from a brief search in google books I've found that there is no Hebrew translation (which might be a good idea for the future, as being a vegan is very common here, in Israel). This means we have to translate recipes.
The second problem is that someone told me that the book is mostly leaning towards children's meal ideas. I don't know if that's true, and this is the reason I came to your blog. Unfortunately I have discovered it problematic to navigate as there are no sections, or tags. These could have been very helpful. Nevertheless when I read the book description on google books I was exhilarated, on account of the nutrition tables and the fact that you try to avoid dairy p. Chances are I'm going to purchase it. I just need to ask mom how would she like it (which spoils the surprise, but I see no other way).
I hope this was a constructive comment.

Esoteric said...

Hi Jennifer!

I just stumbled upon your blog. As an aspiring vegetarian, I'm happy to see that there are a lot more options than cold tofu and spinach salads out there! Keep up the good work.

randy said...

That is actually lovely...because many are trying to go healthy and opting for veg food these days.It makes the meal lighter to digest keeping the nutrition value same it is great way to go on a health spree.
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Rachel Adams said...

Mrs. Jennifer,

I just hope that book is as good as yours. When I found your book my 4 year old son had proclimed to everyone that he is a vegetarian.

I had such a hard time finding a cookbook for him till I stumbled on yours at borders and what a godsend it's been.

I even reviewed it on my food blog and can't wait to get your other book!

Rachel Adams

Jhon said...

Yaamyeeee! I love this because it is meatless. go green, and live long

- John Devos
Magento Themes

tania said...

@ Jhon I think you believe that meatless is good because you know it good for health. anyway go green and cheers.

- Tanya
Web Designers

Emanuelle said...

That paella looks so good! So many amazing vegan dinner ideas!