Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leaning Tower of What?

I’m glad to see that there are so many wonderful blogs are out there filling the gap left by our lack of lunches. I'm especially inspired by the health-conscious mom over at Junk Food Lunch Box.

Now there's a mom who understands that nothing says "I Love You" like high fructose corn syrup.


NotHoney said...

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, what is spoofing? Glad you have a sense of humor about it.


Maren said...

I'm out of words about that one. o.O

raising_kahne said...

I would not want to feed my kids ANY of the stuff on her blog. Id be afraid they'd die from obesity, heart attack, liver/kidneys shutdown, etc. Thank goodness you're here to show us how to eat well!

doja said...

i am fairly sure that the junk food blog is a joke.

she has another blog in which she posts pictures of what i assume to be her very cute child. she also has a vegan sister whom she speaks of positively.

Musicknitter said...

I thought the Junk Food Lunch Box was by Jennifershmoo's evil twin.

DDawnC said...

I like the school lunch post (May 20)- cuts pretty close to the bone, unfortunately. Also, the incongruity of "summer to me means donuts, donuts, and more donuts" is pretty funny.

Funny is nice, but the Vegan Lunchbox is WAY better. :)

vegineer said...

that lunch blog is hilarious. but the sad thing is, there are probably a lot of people out there who don't "get it", and see nothing wrong with that sort of diet.

fiammetta said...

yes it is a spoof - a few posts back her sister commented and left a link to this. it's definately in good humor...

Tere said...

Hmmm...I get it, but don't find it that funny. I can't get that horrible picture of those morbidly obese kids out of my mind.
I'm glad to hear Shmoo's new education program is going well, Jennifer, and I'm looking forward to seeing those lunches :)

Penelope said...

I love that spoof! She's the Colbert Report to your Daily Show...

Chris said...

Okay, I think the other blog is funny. Although, the pic of the pile of donuts grosses me out - ick!

Wish I had found this blog a year ago!

~*~ Linda ~*~ said...

Summer to me is sea, sand and surf, ... sod donuts, lol!

As I read down that blog, I started feeling sicker and sicker - yeuk! Thank goodness its a spoof (I hope!)

Does make me feel that my kids' diet may not be so bad after all though ;-)

Ma May said...

Ok Shmoo, fess up. This is really you isn't it?!

Ma May said...

Naw, I take it back. Did some snooping and see that it's not you. Should be tho'. Very funny!

Aunt Kitty said...

I think it is hysterical!

Maegen said...

"It's the first day of the rest of my son's life- 1st grade! So I've decided to start a blog documenting the lunches I make him. I heard some vegetarian girl actually got an award, so I thought, what the hell? Of course, I can't imagine her kid is very healthy, but this is not the place for that discussion. Every parent has to feel comfortable with their own choices they make for their choices. Luckily, I've got science backing me.
So here's kiddos first lunch- a pure beef hot dog with chili 'relish' and a side of dill pickles (gotta have some veggies, too!).
He loved it! He loves me! Yay!"

You know if that lady is joking i still think its a pretty pathetic joke.

Patt said...

ah lunch....mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

funwithyourfood said...

that's great

Jennifershmoo said...

>>I think it is hysterical!

Me, too! :-)

Heather said...

It is funny, but disturbing... not so much because there are people who eat and feed their children in this way, but more because a lot of parents have few options in the way of where to shop or what they can afford. In the book, Fast Food Nation, the author wrote that a person can easily live their entire lives without ever shopping outside of chain stores. It's cheaper, readily available, and come in really shiny packages for both kids and adults. It's disgraceful.

Your site is the best. No contest!

Susan said...

Disturbing is right- I am upset about the photos- did she have permission to use unflattering photos of these children in this manner?

Mahek said...

I love your blog a lot , and I think you should start your daily lunch box thing again
I have said this before too,
Pls I have been reading so many blogs since march 2006 and no one seems to be as popular as you are !! going as per the no of comments that you get on each of your posts.
If you want change in your lunch box you can post about dinner, lunch or anything else but on a regular basis as before because for regular readers like me whenever there is a gap or a long gap we feel dejected and so the interest tends to dwindle ,which I do not want to happen I want to read your blog regularly and get inspiration. I too have to make a Tiffin for my son for his mid morning school break although we do not get all the things that you have mentioned in your blog . I get lot of inspiration and read your old posts over and over again .right now I am reading your march 2006 posts . The twinkes look so cute , I would love to make them for my son.
There are so many questions that I would like to ask you about vegan cooking and about your food but its difficult on the comments section which has become as you see too big
So pls write to me at so that I can write to you too , I don’t have your email so.
Waiting eagerly for your reply.

Jason said...

Im sorry, but can some of you people not take a joke? Or maybe you dont understand satire?

I have been a long time reader of this blog (although im not vegan) I still love it!

Some of you people claiming that Junk Food Lunch Box is "disturbing" really need to get out more.

Im at least glad Jennifer has a good sense of humor about it.

And on a side note if you havent noticed the pregnant author of the Junk Food Lunch blog has taken it down, because of the rude comments.

Susan said...

The satire was wry, witty and very funny. I didn't like the photos of the children. That isn't fair. Right up there with those drunk sorority girl shots.

Nicole said...

I remember my first year of university -- in an alternative paper, a student writer suggested that we eat stray dogs rather than euthanising them. The connection to "A modest proposal" was glaringly obvious, and the fellow was actually vegan, but it didn't stop a lot of people with no sense of humourfrom flaming him either. I am totally bummed out that I missed out on the junk food lunchbox :(
And Schmoo, as a former home-schooled child, I say props to you, but I really miss your lunches!

marisa said...

Just wanted to let you all know that Vegan Junk Food is back, and it is hilarious!!

red said...

thank you


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