Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Pack a Lunch With Punch!"

VegCooking.com has put together a great list of Veggielicious Lunchbox Dishes and other ideas for the back-to-school crowd.


violinteacher1001 said...

Looks great!!!

Can't wait for your cookbook. Because of your blog my family has become almost vegetarian in the last couple of months (we're much healthier now :) ).

Thank you,

B said...

Oh, I checked the site today hopeful that maybe the VLB going away was just a bad dream... (at least the daily posts). We miss seeing your lunchbox posts daily. I was an avid reader for the entire last year (though never posted) and really am still inspired by so much that you have done. I have been a long time vegetarian who is considering transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Just a quick note to let you know that your daily posts are missed, and a heartfelt "Thank You!". Do you have an estimate on the publication date for the cookbook? By the way- my word verification below is "curry"- how cool is that??

dollydlux said...

I have never been on that site before! It is very informative and well put together. Just another way you have changed my life for the better. My word verification is gibberish. Curry is a cool one.

TheWay said...

YAY! More lunch ideas. I often have to pack lunches and sometimes if I work during dinner times, dinners too. =)

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