Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Speaking of back-to-school, most of you have probably noticed that we have not. Gone back to school, that is. This year we’ve enrolled in a part-time program called "parent-teacher partnership". It's fabulous! I think he's learned more in the last two weeks than he did all last year. Although it cracks me up that I have regular meetings with my son's "learning consultant".

Anyway, that means shmoo only packs lunch once a week. So far he’s been very enthusiastic about packing his own. It’s an interesting mish-mash of whatever he can put together by himself -- sandwiches, cold veggies, fruit, and soy yogurts. Yesterday he fried a pan of veggie bacon for a bacon sandwich, then ate it all for breakfast. He made a very squishy cashew-macadamia butter and strawberry jam sandwich instead.


Stonetree said...

Well then, I want pictures of shmoo made lunches then! My Mr. Man is 5 and heading back to school next week. He just joined the rest of us as a vegan three weeks ago and the battle for him to eat more veggies has been fierce. But if shmoo eats it, he will try it.

Thanks so much to both you and shmoo!

Maddie said...

Hooray for homeschooling in all its forms! We're just starting this year as well, and having a great time!

How about doing a weekly adult going-to-work kind of lunchbox? I know it wouldn't really be something you would take to work, but it would be so nice to see what you would come up with if you had an adult palate to work with. Of course, Little Schmoo has a more refined palate than most American adults! But think of the salads you could do! Think of the ethnicities you could explore!

DDawnC said...

Well, I applaud Schmoo's initiative, but I can't say I won't miss your daily lunches. :( And I know that a conscientious and intelligent mom like you will do an awesome job of homeschooling- I wish that was always the case!

Val said...

Will you tell me more about this program? Is it something only in your area? I would like to start something like this for Alex and Cyan once we move into the country and I think this would be great to have info on. It would make me feel on track for their learning but homeschooling seems so much more natural. I got really turned off by how pushy Cyan's wonderful Kindergarten teacher was... and I am not being snide... she really seems like a wonderful teacher. It was the system that was getting to me. It made me want to cry to see my dd working so hard at finding the answer (which she did know many of) and then be rushed to the next thing by the teacher. I just wanted to scream that she wasn't coming back until next year. So any info you have would be greatly appriciated.


PS I have to admit to missing your lunches too... but the archives are enough to inspire me for this next month or so. ;)

Chris said...

Hey, good for you! I am doing something very similar with my Kindergartner. Wish I had the energy and time to homeschool my older kids too. Maybe eventually...

Have a good year :).

eBeth said...

oh how I miss your daily lunches.. :(

texmex said...

CAn you explain more about this program? rythm? grade? Shmoo goes to school or not?

lilymoonchild said...

Could you just take pictures of your lunch plates, then? :)
I love reading food blogs, that's how I figure out what to eat, and I find yours especially inspiring. So many things I never would have thought of!

Jennifershmoo said...

Here's an article I found on the web that describes the difference between homeschooling and parent partnership programs:

"Parent partnerships are alternative programs that identify the parent as the child's primary teacher. Students are considered public school students, however, and use the school's materials and teachers. Parents who choose these programs say they like the return on their tax money, as well as accessing expertise in subjects they find difficult to teach on their own."

The program is run through the public school district. The parent is the primary teacher and teaches the core curriculum (language arts, math, history, etc.) at home. The students go to school one or two days a week and take enrichment classes (art, Spanish, music, PE, etc.) with teachers. The parent meets with a teacher -- a "learning consultant" -- once a month to review what they have been working on. The consultant can also provide ideas and suggestions.

So far we **love** it. I like the guidance, accountability, and help I'm getting. The program also reimburses me for the curriculum and supplies I purchase, and has a lending library of books and learning tools I can use. Shmoo gets to take the classes I would have a harder time teaching at home, like Spanish and PE, and gets some social time with other kids. I see it as a happy medium between going to school and homeschooling.

Hope that helps!

Virginie said...

Interesting school system ! I've never heard about it in France, and would like to learn more details about it.

Estef said...

That seems like a really good idea now that he's younger but what about when he gets older? will he be homeschooled for highschool? I'm just asking because I think that highschool is good for everyone (and yes we've all heard the horror stories but..) kids come out of their shell find out where they fit, learn how to act in certain social situations that their parents wouldn't be able to help them in. etc. well anyway u kno just putting it out there.


ps. I will SOOO miss your lunches, my creative writing teacher gets soo jeolous of my lunches (he's a vegan too, and tried to get the lunch ladies to make one of your dishes once it was very funny because they were soo baffled by some of the ingrediants.)

Girl of Approval said...

I disagree with esfef. High school was hell and I did not come out of my shell until I was probably 23 years old. If I had missed high school, that would have been fine.

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