Friday, November 10, 2006

Hittin' the Road

We have been completely blown away by the hundreds of preorders for Vegan Lunch Box we are receiving! Thanks so much to all of you!! Although the "official" release date was set for November 15th, we decided to start shipping some of the orders early so the poor clerks at the post office wouldn't see us coming and lock the door.

That means that a few hundred copies have already shipped and are now winging their way across America and around the world, on their way to you!

And now the shmoo family is packed up as well, ready to ship ourselves off to Portland for a book signing tomorrow! Hope to see some of you there! Shmoo thinks this book business is a bore, but is very excited to check out the Star Wars exhibit at OMSI.


OshinkoTickle said...

Rock on Shmoo family!!!


Finny321 said...

I got a shipping notice this week for my copy, and was so excited when I got home today to see a book shaped package!

It was a stupid work thing though. ;(

Congrats, and have a great book signing!

michelleknits said...

hope to see you there!

Beanbean said...

I received a tracking confirmation so I think I'll be getting my book soon. I'm so excited!

Cherice said...

Congratulations on the success of your book, perhaps the post office will give you your very own window so that you don't have to wait in line ;)

I am (impatiently) waiting for my copy and wishing the my post office worked a bit faster.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Oh, I hope mine was one of the ones that will be shipped out early. I can't wait to use it to plan our holiday meals!!!

Andrea said...

I'm looking forward to hearing what bookstores are picking up your book. Do you think I'd be able to order it through a bookstore?

hyphen_helena said...

I'm so excited for you! That's great that it's been a success because it's more than deserved! I'm currently eagerly awaiting my copy!!

Michelle said...

This is so exciting!

I saw your recipe for Tofu Fish Sticks in the World Jewish Digest's article on school lunches (p. 35) but I don't think it mentioned that you have a book out.

I'm ordering a copy for my birthday.

Sandy said...

Congratulations Jennifer!

I'm in awe of you hard work and dedication. You are an inspiration.

Ginger said...

I received my book yesterday (10th) and it is wonderful, thank you!

Geoff said...

I sitting here so hungry at the moment and nothing to snack on in the house
Wish I had your lunch box NOW

Webly said...

Hey I forgot to ask you how you feel about your recipes being posted on the interbot. Not that I would type out your entire book, but sometimes one posts photos and others ask for the recipe. Where do you stand on this type of sharing?

ps: It was good to meet you.

bazu said...

That's so cool. I wish I wasn't on the opposite side of the country from Portland, but I wish you best of luck with the signing! Maybe Shmoo will get more excited when he sees the crowds drooling over his lunches!

Brown said...

This must be so exciting for you. You are such a success. Congrats. I got confirmation yesterday that my book has been shipped. I can't wait to get it!

CPB said...

Good luck at your signing tomorrow! You are such a success, congratulations! You deserve it:)

Enjoy Portland. There are so many yummy vegan places out there. I highly reccomend Blossoming Lotus ( and Veganopolis ( you're there.

Jennifershmoo said...

>>Hey I forgot to ask you how you feel about your recipes being posted on the interbot. Not that I would type out your entire book, but sometimes one posts photos and others ask for the recipe. Where do you stand on this type of sharing?

Hi, Webly! It was nice meeting you, too!

Well, I think it's very nice of you to ask!! Sharing one or two recipes is fine, as long as they are credited to Vegan Lunch Box, so people know where they came from. :-)

>>I highly reccomend Blossoming Lotus ( and Veganopolis ( you're there.

I think we need to take another vacation there soon, to see all the places we didn't have time for this time! Veganopolis and Food Fight! were both on my list, and we didn't get to them. The restaurant our friends took us to, Ya Halla, served the most *amazing* Lebanese food. All the vegan dishes were identified on the menu, and they even had vegan baklava!

me, Mavis said...

My book came today! I've only had a very brief moment to flip through it, but I can tell that it is every bit as wonderful as I assumed it would be. KUDOS to you, Momma Schmoo!

da da da said...

I second the Blossoming Lotus!

RockScissorsPaper said...

Hi Jennifer! I received your book yesterday and am making my way through it! It looks wonderful!!!!

I wanted to let you know i noticed a mistake... in your recipe for the Tortilla Roll-Ups on page 27, it says the recipe for Refried Beans is on page 22, but it's actually on 224. Just thought you may want to know for your second-pressing. If i catch anything else, i'll be sure to let you know!

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!


Taradactyl in a Modern World said...

Got the book today. My two year old son loved looking at it even though he can't read yet!!!


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