Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Think I'm In Love...

...with these lunch boxes from Lunchsense. A reader pointed them out to me just last week -- I had never heard of them before.

I love the different sizes to choose from (small, medium, and large), and the various containers. Not to put down Laptop Lunch Systems, but some of us with Laptops have mused amongst ourselves that it really would be nice to have lids sometimes. These lids look great: clear snap-top lids on all the food containers, and an easy screw-on lid for the 1 oz. dressing container and the liquid bottle.

And look how it all opens out into a placemat! Pretty nifty.

What do you think? What other great lunch boxes are there out there? Have you all been shopping for lunch bags/containers in preparation for back-to-school?


Kristen said...

I've been amusing the idea of getting one of these: http://lunchopolis.com/

They're compact like the laptop lunch, all the containers have lids and it comes with a drink bottle.

JAM said...

Do you know what kind of plastics are in the Lunchsense? I read a post about Lunchopolis and thought it was great looking (although very expensive at Whole Foods anyway!) but someone in the comments emailed the company and the plastics are the bad ones I think. Those lids (on the Lunchsense) look like they won't leak - that is my problem with some containers I got for my kids' lunch boxes.

JennP said...

I have been surfing your site and some of your links and am actually very excited with the upcoming school year! I used the Laptop lunch system last year (for my 6 year old daughter) that I bought after finding your site. I just ordered a second one. My daughter loves it, no one else has it in her school. I ordered your book and should be getting it today (from Chapters in Canada). I try to vary containers on a day to day basis depending on if she needs a snack or a lunch. I also bought a few accessories (decorative) to use in her lunches, and I got my small cookie cutters out for veggies, fruits and sandwiches. My next step will be to just keep a notebook with different "favorite" ideas. I can't wait for school! :) thanks for all you amazing pictures and ideas.

Paulina said...

Wow, what a cool looking lunchbox! I usually just put my lunch in my purse since it's big enough.

smartwolf said...

The containers in lunchsense are Lock&Lock. From personal experience from using Lock&Lock containers, nothing (NOTHING) leaks from them if they are closed correctly. They create an airtight seal. They freeze, microwave, and go in to the dishwasher with no problem. If I remember correctly they are made of polypropylene plastic. If you are worried about plastic, Lock&Lock also make glass containers as well. Not so good for kid's lunchboxes, but another option if using them for storage.

Dana said...

I have been eyeing a bento box from Obento
they're really cute and well designed.

Kelly McDonald said...

I saw those Lunchopolis boxes at Whole Foods the other day. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet. Those are Lock&Lock containers. I LOVE Lock&Lock. They seal, literally, everything. I've never had a leak and I save a lot of leaky stuff. They're microwave and dishwasher safe as well (at least I've never had any problems with it). This is, by far, the best Lock&Lock lunchbox set I've seen to date. I may have to consider purchasing one of these.

i think therefore i am said...

Hi.. I have been a big fan of ur blog for years now.. saw an advertisement in Boston's metro paper for the vegan lunch box books.. was super thrilled..

krippilicious said...

This Tupperware container has been a favorite of mine for a while. I carry it more in the winter: I fill the reheatable container with soup, the other large container with a small salad or a sandwich on an English Muffin (perfect round size for the container), and the two small ones get yogurt, veggies, berries and the like. My only wish is that it had an outer zipper pocket for a cloth napkin. There's room to tuck some silverware into the side of the zip-up container.


Bianca said...

Ooh! I want one. I often bring my lunch to work in a plain ol' insulated bag with Tupperware squeezed in. But this is nice!

Eileen said...

I have the laptop lunchbox, togoware and a Fit & Fresh. I do like the Fit & Fresh because the ice pack is in the middle so it does a good job of keeping the lunch cold. It also has a large bottom space - perfect for a wrap sandwich or salad. It fits in a standard size insulated lunch bag.

Meghan said...

I don't have any of the lunchboxes, but I do have some Lock and Lock containers and they're awesome. Totally leak proof.

Liz said...

I love my Laptop system but sometimes it just doesn't work for what I want to bring on certain days, so I've got several others to choose from instead.

I have a Tupperware Lunch'n Things container, which is a one piece, sectioned & lidded system. It's great for packing a sandwich on regular sized bread that you don't want to cut to try to cram it in the Laptop. I also have the Tupperware Meal Solutions To Go kit,which I don't really use that often because I also have a Mr. Bento. Mr. Bento is used most often after the Laptop system. Great for round foods (bagels) or larger portions of things like pasta. Also great for soup, which I've never felt comfortable packing in the Laptop lidded container.

I have a bunch of little bento boxes which don't get used much since "little" is a key word! I do have a great little Lock & Lock lunch kit that has one rectangular 12 oz container, another 12 oz. divided in 3 sections and a drink bottle that all pack in a zippered bag, but it's not insulated. Water or another beverage can be frozen in the bottle to keep things cool, though. I also have a ton of various divided & plain L&L containers. I've put soup in them and just tossed it into my backpack without thinking twice.

Tupperware has two new lunch systems out now, one aimed at packing sandwiches and the other for salads. They both look great and have a bunch of different sized containers, a drink bottle AND a mini s&p shaker that all pack into a bag.

I don't need any other lunch boxes but since I do bring my lunch to work almost every day I can always justify buying another... I really do like the look of the Lunchsense kits, too.

Nancy said...

Hi there - I'm the owner of Lunchsense, and I'm delighted by your response! Thanks a million. To answer some of your questions (although all the responses were accurate, I'll back them up): the Lock&Lock containers are polypropylene (code 5); they and the entire lunchbox set are BPA free, lead free, and PVC free; and the containers really truly don't leak a drop. Thanks again!

Jennifershmoo said...

Thanks, Nancy! :-)

Nancy said...

Sure thing Jennifer. Ask me anything - I'm a veritable fountain of information about these lunchboxes!

Anonymous said...

I am super thrilled to find this on your blog! I am going there right away. I am a lock n lock freak. I changed my gladware containers for the best in the world (imho). As a bento addict - I am always looking for new lunch containers.

Deeny said...

That is such a cool lunch box. Thanks for posting. I have two going back to school and I have been packing kids lunches close to 20 years. My 12 year old however doesn't have a good track record with bringing all the parts back home every day. That is frustrating. And not cost effective when he "accidently" throws out good containers. But I am still trying. That really does look adorable. i think I will check them out.

Karen said...

Ok. I have to admit it. My husband says I'm obsessed with lunchboxes. Every trip to Target or the grocery store, I stop and stare at the lunch boxes they have on display. I have 6 lunchboxes and I have to stop myself from buying more. Thank you for indulging my compulsion without emptying my wallet.

veganf said...

I'm going to try the Land's End insulated lunch box this year I think:http://www.landsend.com/
21523#. I really like the separate spot for a water bottle.

Monica said...

Thanks for posting these- I had forgotten about them! How did your husband fare with the size of these? Which size did you get? I have trouble packing my husband a large enough, yet healthy lunch. He's 6'5" and 270lbs and does construction work - I pack him both a snack & lunch every day.

nimrodiel said...

I picked up an Aladdin Lunch and Go box the other week, as it looks like it will fit perfect in my bag for school and not take up too much room. I'm looking into getting some of the small lock & Lock containers to go inside it for non sandwich days.

Kirstin said...

Hi folks! We have 1 of the lunchsense boxes and are getting another for our other daughter for back to school. My favorite thing about it is that you can throw the mat in the washer and it comes out looking like new. How many lunchboxes can do that?

Single PAP said...

wow, love that!

Spider said...

Hmm, I sometimes have trouble with the Lock & Lock containers... they either don't close or I can't get them open. That's the only thing that doesn't have me running for my checkbook to buy these.

On the other hand, once they close, they're really sealed!

Veg-a-Nut said...

I think I am in love too! I love my laptop, but sometime it is not big enough. I eat breakfast, snacks, and lunch at work. This one looks like it will work much better. Wow!

Artsy said...

Hi there - I love your blog - it has helped add a bit of excitement to our families once bland lunches. Anyhow - I just wanted to let you all know that Lock&Lock has lunchboxes with dividers as well. I don't particularly like the design so recently I went to my local Asian food store (it is huge!) and found some awesome Lock&Lock containers with separate removable trays big enough for sauces or side foods.
Also the prices for the LocknLocks were considerably lower than I have ever seen at Target or Amazon. I believe I paid $1.59 for some small round sauce containers, 2.50 for the containers w/trays, and 6.98 for a large container to store flour in. I bought about 7 containers for $25.00! I just wanted to mention this so that other folks can keep an eye out for some deals at the larger Asian markets. The store I found them at was the Fubon Market in Portland OR - and yes they are authentic Lock & Locks!

stacey said...

hi there,

i'm wondering if you guys can help me . . . my son is 2 years old and just started day care, and i want to buy one of these systems - i think laptop or lunchsense - but don't know which would be best for a little guy like him. any and all opinions much appreciated.
thank you,
stacey in brooklyn

Barbara said...

After I saw this post, I bought the large Lunchsense. I love it! It travels well on the bus, I get asked at work 'what is that?', the containers are amazing. I also bought the extra Thermos and use it for soups.

I work 10 hour shifts, so I have lunch and a snack for break and things to eat at my desk. One of the small containers has 2 separate parts and it's easy to pull one out with some nuts or berries in and munch between phone calls.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lunchsense.

LadyBug1019 said...

Hello! These lunch boxes and all the containers are amazing; I didn't know there was so much available. My problem is that someone keeps eating my lunch at work, today half of my organic carrots went missing. Is there anyone who knows of a lunch box that has a lock? Do you think I could sew loops to the Lunchsense box so I could put a little luggage lock on it?

Jennifershmoo said...

That sucks!! Yes, I think you could definitely find a way to attach a lock to the Lunchsense. The front has a metal D-ring with an elastic band that loops around a metal button on the other side, so you could attach a D-ring in front of the metal button and slip a lock through the two D-rings instead of using the elastic and button to close the front (don't know if that made sense, but if you get one you'll see what I'm talking about).

Although the thief might still be able to pull open the sides, it would be hard to get a whole container out without opening the front. And the sight of the lock itself might deter a thief from even trying to tamper with it.

You could also copy this idea and paint baggies to make it look like your food is moldy:


Ha! Too gross!!

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