Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Home Sick Soup #2

My last Home Sick Soup post featured hot, soothing Tomato Rasam, a quick and spicy Indian soup just right for a day stuck at home with the sniffles.

Today I made another favorite Sick Day Soup of mine, Dr. Fuhrman's Famous Soup. I love the Big Production Number that is the making of this soup. I set aside an hour or two, pull out all the fancy equipment (a juicer and Vita-Mix or other strong blender are required) and whip up an absolutely enormous pot of the stuff. It freezes well, so you can have it on hand in case of emergencies.

Speaking of emergencies, lately it seems that too many of the older people in our parish and family have been spending time in the hospital, dealing with surgeries, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. Many of them are coming home feeling fragile, with small appetites and instructions to lower their fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

I wanted to offer them something that was easy to eat and digest, and wouldn't do any harm by being high in salt or fat. This soup is just the thing: creamy smooth, made with split peas and veggies cooked in fresh carrot and celery juice. The soup is easy to eat and flavorful enough that you don't miss the salt. It's great on its own for those with little appetite, or served with baked winter squash, steam-fried mushrooms, and fruit for dessert.

If you have a juicer, a blender, and a great, big, huuuge soup pot, this is the perfect potage to share with those who are feelin' poorly.


Zachary said...

That sounds amazing...but I doubt I have a pot big enough to make this! However, I'm sure I can come up with something similar. What a great idea to use fresh carrot and celery juice for the base of a soup. The juicer just found another use!

NightOwl said...

How kind you are Jennifer! I'm sure everyone will be so grateful for that lovely soup. I know that's just the thing I'd want if I were sick.

Tere said...

I hope you're not actually sick, but either way the soup looks great!

Nicole said...

This is one of my favorite soups too! Great choice!

Jennifershmoo said...

>>I hope you're not actually sick

No, but I thought it would be nice to feature some lunch ideas for days when you or the little ones are home sick.

DDawnC said...

Wow- I bet you can practically see people getting healthy before your very eyes when they eat this soup! It sounds wonderful.

Brian said...

what happened to the Tomato Rasam recipe? Was it taken down?

Jennifershmoo said...

Sorry! The link broke when I changed the post title; refresh and it should work now.

Kate said...

Oh yum, soup when your sick is good. I hope you feel better. I love the post under this with the halloween food, you have some great ideas.

funwithyourfood said...

i'm sorry to hear about the illnesses. But it's a good thing you're there to help them out. Are those little hearts on the bowl part of the bowl or food??


Jennifershmoo said...

They're little slices of cooked carrot, cut into hearts. :-)

HottieMuffin said...

I don't have a juicer...
I'm thinking I'll just use whole carrots and whole celery (instead of just the juice) and just vitamix this soup in batches? That'd work right?

LOVE the carrot hearts! I thought it was the bowl!

High Power Rocketry said...

Cute one : )

Jennifershmoo said...

>>I'm thinking I'll just use whole carrots and whole celery (instead of just the juice) and just vitamix this soup in batches? That'd work right?

No, I'm afraid it won't work well. The fiber from all those carrots and celery will be very thick and unpleasant. You can blend them in the Vitamixer and strain them through a mesh juicing bag.

Or -- and this would be a lot easier -- buy some carrot juice and use about 3 - 4 cups in the soup.

Austin Archer said...

Hi! I have been an avid follower of your Vegan Lunch Box blog for almost a year and a half now. I have been honored to try out many of your recipes, and I must say that you are a great inspiration to a lot of people. However, I now require some help. I was not sure who to turn to, and being the only Vegan in my family, I decided to ask someone that may have been in my situation before.

Jen, I have recently been having some odd thoughts. Lately, I have been thinking about going to the less-strict Vegetarian lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, I see the right in Veganism, but I just... I guess I am getting lost here. I went Vegan with my older brother, and slowly we went different ways. He was a lot of the support I had! Also, we both have the dream of living in Japan, and we are currently both enrolled to study the Japanese language in college. However, it has come to my (sadly) realization that it will be near impossible to maintain a Vegan lifestyle in Japan. They are just not used to that lifestyle!

I guess what I am asking is: Am I a terrible person?

The other night I saw an episode of the Iron Chef, and the main ingredient was goat cheese. I felt so bad for thinking this, but I honestly thought that it looked good, and I have never even had Goat cheese.

As I said, my brother and I have gone seperate ways. He is now a lacto-ovo. He told me, recently, that he did not wish to tell me because he was afraid that I would hate him. Then he proceeded to tell me that every Sunday he has a Japanese-themed breakfast of cooked rice with a raw egg on top and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Again... I felt terrible because it did sound good.

Jen, I despise meat. I will never eat meat again! ... But, these littler things, such as eggs and goat cheese, are starting to make me think on my stance in life. I find myself, at times, sort of craving them! I feel so terrible... but it is true... When my mother fixes cookies, I always want some... But I beat myself up and pull myself away from their grasp. I find the Vegan lifestyle very limiting to me, is what I am trying to get at.

On the plus side, I still prefer soymilk over milk, and Earth Balance over any non-vegan butter anyday. I guess it is just a once-in-a-while thing. Would it be terrible if I had an egg once every week or something? ... Would it make me a bad person to switch to the less-strict vegetarian lifestyles? ... Please do not shun me, oh sensai!

Sincerely - a troubled and fellow Vegan -,
Austin Archer

(( I sent this via e-mail to you also, but I just wanted to make sure it was recieved. I am really in a rutt! Someone please help me. ))

a.J. ("( 'o', ) said...

Jen, did you see tyler florence from foodnetwork's food 911 vegan episode.,1976,FOOD_9964_21965,00.html
here's the link...
i love indian food, and i hope you do as well ^_^

Jennifershmoo said...

Hey, Austin, I sent you an email!

Austin Archer said...

Thank you so much! ... It meant a lot to me, and it helped me with the tearing apart of my inner being. I am very appreciative of how you helped me.

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Unknown said...

I actually made this delicious soup with my Vita-Mix (pureed about 5 carrots and celery stalks) and used that instead of the fiberless-juice. It worked wonderfully! Tasted great. Just a thicker soup!

Also, you could always add broth if you wanted a thinner soup.