Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love Obento!

Oh, yes I do! I just received word today that I Love Obento! is finally open for business.

The store features bento boxes (Japanese lunch boxes) and the little lunchtime accessories that you see in many of my own lunch box creations: plastic picks to skewer bites of fruit or vegetables, paper dividers and cups, tiny sauce bottles, rice molds, and more.

It's sometimes hard for natural, healthy foods to compete in an age of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and neon-colored pudding tubes, so lunch boxes and accessories like these are a great way to turn a healthy lunch into a special, fun treat for your kids (or yourself!)

Even more astonishing, the store actually has copies of the original edition of Vegan Lunch Box for sale. I think these may be the last remaining brand new copies in existence. A few used copies have been selling for an ungodly amount on amazon, but if you want an original, brand new edition at a reasonable price hurry over to I Love Obento!