Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shmoo Review: Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat!

Reviewed by special guest blogger Shmoo.

"Benji Bean Sprout Doesn't Eat Meat!is a kind of neat book. It's about a kid who eats vegetarian and other kids think he's weird because he doesn't eat meat. He eats vegetarian meat. The kids who make fun of him are mean but then they try his food and then they don't think he's so weird anymore. He goes to an animal sanctuary. I want to go to an animal sanctuary some day. I want to see a tiger.

"Vegetarian kids will like this book, or meat eating kids so they can learn about what happens in factory farms and what happens to the animals. Maybe they would lose their appetite for meat, or maybe they would be nicer to vegetarians.

"I have different lunches like this kid. Sometimes other kids wonder what I have for lunches. What was funny was one time this other kid said he liked the smell of my lunch. I like my lunches, too!"


scottishvegan said...

What a fantastically well-written post Shmoo! I hope you guest blog lots more in the future! Sounds like a great book too! :)

Beth said...

Great review, Shmoo!

You're a good writer.

And it's great that your friends can learn about different foods through your lunches, thanks to your creative mom!

fughawzi said...

Is it weird that I really want this book now, even though I'm fifteen? I even got super excited over those Wateroos.. I searched them out until I found them at Loma Linda and got them today. They're pretty funky.

Shmoo is so adorable, really. You have a great kid.

Dana said...

Great review! I hope you guest blog some more Shmoo!
I've had this book on my children's book shelf for a few years now, and I read it to all my great nieces and nephews when they visit. We've had foster kids for over a year now and the 7 year old loves this book!

Anonymous said...

well written post, shmoo! i would also like to visit an animal sanctuary.

fughawzi, don't worry! i'm 21 and i think it sounds like a neat little book.

madeinalaska said...

Great job you special guest blogger Shmoo!!! you

.letting go said...

Hey shmoo.

Dude, I'm a vegan in University. And my lunches are different from my friends lunches too.

Today, it was a hot lunch day at my play practice and I was worried that everyone would forget that I was a vegan. But guess what! My friend the chef made EVERYONE'S lunch vegan! He'd noticed me eating different lunches every day and he wanted to try cooking something new, without meat.

Keep at it friend. You're making a real difference.

SallyT said...

Thanks Shmoo. My daughter will love this book. She spends a lot of time talking to her friends about her diet.

funwithyourfood said...

aw a great review!!
I hope when i have kids they'll do as well as he does

Teddy said...

This sound like a great book. I will have to see if the library here will buy it or maybe they have it. What a great blog. We love to visit. feel free to come over and see us too at Modern Organic Mama

Linda L. said...

Thanks for raising my awareness of the way vegetarians /vegans are treated sometmes. I just read a grownup book called Espresso Tales and the author made the vegetarian kid character a teensy bit of a bully who forces his pals to buy him hot dogs when his dad is not looking. I felt this was really cheap humour for a not-very nice laugh. Everyone needs respect!

Unknown said...

I want to see a tiger too!