Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love Obento!

Oh, yes I do! I just received word today that I Love Obento! is finally open for business.

The store features bento boxes (Japanese lunch boxes) and the little lunchtime accessories that you see in many of my own lunch box creations: plastic picks to skewer bites of fruit or vegetables, paper dividers and cups, tiny sauce bottles, rice molds, and more.

It's sometimes hard for natural, healthy foods to compete in an age of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and neon-colored pudding tubes, so lunch boxes and accessories like these are a great way to turn a healthy lunch into a special, fun treat for your kids (or yourself!)

Even more astonishing, the store actually has copies of the original edition of Vegan Lunch Box for sale. I think these may be the last remaining brand new copies in existence. A few used copies have been selling for an ungodly amount on amazon, but if you want an original, brand new edition at a reasonable price hurry over to I Love Obento!


Zachary said...

...and it's already sold out! Wow, that was fast. Hope you're having a great new year Jennifer! Tell the family I said hey!


Steffi said...

damn you... I was planning not to spend all my money on bento supplies for a change... however, great to see an update!

dyfferent said...

BTW I found a substitute for the disposable paper thingies, they make silicon ruffly muffin cups in pretty colours now. They're not attached, when you bake muffins you just put them on top of a cookie sheet. Not only do these make a great muffin, you can use them in your bento as well!

Tere said...

Hi Jennifer,
It's great to see you're still blogging; I have been a long time reader, but haven't been able to check your blog in a while. I'm in South Korea right now working as an English teacher, and the little ones at school bring bento boxes to eat their lunches out of (lunches are provided by the school). They have a nice, tight-fitting cover, so when lunch is done the whole mess can be packed away into a backpack and washed at home.
I'm really impressed at the quality of the lunches provided, and with how healthy Koreans eat in general. Lots of soup and rice (often mixed together after serving) and vegetable side dishes. There are meat dishes but they do not form the basis of the meal, as in North America. Lucky for me tofu is abundant and cheap, as is produce, which can be purchased at any corner store, big box store, and even on the street by vendors.
Popular snacks also sold by vendors include roasted sweet potatoes, gimbap, which is sticky rice wrapped in a layer of salty seaweed (really good!) and pancakes made with green vegetables such as leeks. These are things I think I'll be making at home when I return. I think the seaweed sheets are available at home.
Anyway, I just thought you might be interested, and if you haven't already looked into Korean food you might want to do so :)
Take care,

Jennifershmoo said...

Thanks, Tere! Wow, that sounds wonderful -- much healthier than the lunches and snacks you see around here...

Matt and Bobbie said...

Oh--Thank you for the Obento link, Jennifer! I don't have any cute colorful accessories for my tiffin, so I had loads of fun checking out all the cute stuff!

And thank you IW for the idea about the silicon muffin cups! Rock on!

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Chef Erik said...

Super, I love bento boxes, they make lunch or even dinner more interesting :)

purplecupcake said...

I've been reading your blog for over a year and I really appreciate your recipes and ideas. Keep up the great work and thanks for this link.

محمد said...

Luna 22 said...

I recently came across your blog. I love it. I'm a vegetarian and love that your son (and you) are vegan. I read that your hubby is omni, how did you and the hubby decide to make your schmoo vegan? I have been trying to get my hubby to see my veggie way is good for our son. Any ideas or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Lauren Turek said...

Tag! You're it! I'm tagging you to name five things about yourself that others may not know.

In the post, link back to my blog, and tag five others (also linking to their blogs).

Sorry if you've done this one before!

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jAe said...

hi jennifer,
i'd heard about your blog, and i've finally found it today! i can't wait to browse through it some more, but in the mean time i wanted to introduce myself. i've maintainted a blog full of whole foods vegan recipes for the past 3 years at and i have a book that'll be out in a month called Get It Ripe (from Arsenal Pulp Press). i do hope you have a moment to check them out!

Amy K. said...

Hi Jennifer,

Like the others above, could not find your e-mail (Now I can see why, heh!) but thought you'd appreciate these kid-themed cloth napkins.

So Cute!

Seems a little steep, at $23 for a set of 5, but like I said, SO CUTE!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Just to let you know that Becky and Lolo in England still has 5 brand new copies available for sale to the UK and Europe. You can find the book along with the Laptop Lunch box at Becky and Lolo

Anonymous said...


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InternetDoodles said...


I miss my ex, she used to make me bento lunches.

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