Monday, June 16, 2008

Introducing the Summer Veg Out!

For most of us with school- age children, summer vacation is finally here. That calls for either a "Hooray!" or a "Dear Lord, when does school start again?" depending on how you look at it. Now that the kids are home, it’s time to totally VEG OUT.

No, I’m not talking about lazing around on the couch watching daytime television. I’m talking about revamping the kitchen to get the junk out and bring the healthy foods in. It’s time to tackle the problem of what to feed the kids during these long, hot summer days at home. My suggestion: fresh, healthy vegetables, and cool, refreshing fruits (along with whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, and treats in moderation, of course).

But how, you ask? Well, I thought it would be fun this summer to put together a collection of posts focusing on how to make vegetables and fruits easy, attractive, and affordable for families.

Although the ideas I'm going to post are suitable for any season, summertime is the perfect time to tackle the family eating plan, breaking those unhealthy habits that may have crept in over the winter and adding more fun, healthy options in their place. A long break from school can be an opportunity to influence kids to make healthier choices while they’re away from peer pressure and cafeteria competition.

Ready? Tune back in on Wednesday for Part I of the Vegan Lunch Box Summer Veg Out!

P.S. The beautiful photograph above is courtesy of Michelle Ellis Photography. Michelle is a fabulous friend with a gifted eye, and I hope to hire her to photograph the entire extended Shmoo Clan very soon. Thanks, Michelle!


eesh said...

Love this idea! I need to incorporate it for myself as my little one is too young to be influenced by the masses of the cafeteria, thankfully.

Tadewi said...

*laughs* This feels so ODD. I've never commented for anything before. Well, okay, here we go.

I would love to be able to revamp our kitchen to be healtier, but find I am always struck w/ obstacles.

My parent are starting to like the idea of eating organic, healthy, becoming vegetarians (although they said never vegan...*sniffles* Maybe that'll change...), but they find that eating healthier (at least here) is like paying the store by breaking off your limbs one by one. It's expensive!

Also, gas. You must live very close to your food supplies, and we kinda do too, but it seems that gas is always getting in the way of us going to the grocery store, but not for a quick trip to a fast food place on the way home and a "Well, you'll just have to make something for me. Is there any way I can persuade my parents to bite the bullet and spend more on proving our health?

You are definately an inspiration to me. I'd absoloutely be grateful if you could reply back w/ help.

- Alexandria

Jennifershmoo said...

Stay tuned, Alexandria -- hopefully you'll find some helpful ideas in my posts and/or in the comments of others. :-)

P.S. When I first read, "Also, gas." I thought you were talking about the *other* kind of gas that can be a problem when you switch to eating whole grains, veggies and beans! LOL!

Tadewi said...

LOL, yeah! We have that problem too! ^_^