Sunday, September 21, 2008

Live Call-In Interview this Wednesday

For those of you interested in hearing me yammer on about lunchtime (as I do so love to do), there is an upcoming opportunity to do so: I'm going to be interviewed this week by Dr. Melissa West on her internet radio show Returning to the Body Mind.

Dr. West is a "holistic lifestyle coach, psychospiritual energy worker and yoga and pilates instructor", and her show focuses on the connections between physical, spiritual, and personal well-being. She's interviewed some very interesting people, including vegan professional triathlete Brendan Brazier (scroll down to the 9/3/08 episode to listen to the archived show).

The show will be going out live online at Contact Talk Radio this Wednesday, September 24th, from 8am to 9am PST. Listen in live at the website, or download the recorded show later on itunes.

We'll be talking for a whole hour (can I really yammer on that long?) and will even take calls from listeners. So call and ask me your questions (be nice!) at 1-877-230-3062 while the show is going on.


Meg said...

That is awesome! I am so excited for you! What a great opportunity to share your knowledge!

mangauniversity said...

HI Jennifer...

This is off-topic, and I've only just now discovered your blog, but I wanted to give you a big 'THANKS!" for featuring some recipes out of my company's cookbook a few weeks back. What a pleasant surprise.

I really appreciate it!

Best regards,

Glenn Kardy (publisher, The Manga Cookbook)

selena said...

Hey, I know who Brendan is - he's a friend and colleague of my buddy Robert, a vegan body builder and owner of the site, which focuses on vegan athletes as well as body builders.

Congratulations on the interview - it should be fun.

Unknown said...

Just had to say your label for this post cracks me up!
A whole hour--have fun!

River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

I just listened to your interview and it was fantastic!

You sounded so excited when you were talking about the first lunch boxes that you made for little Shmoo! It was so adorable! It shows that you're all about what's best for your son - and that's just too cool for words!

Loved the story about your mom's poo poo note! :)