Thursday, October 02, 2008

Lunch Box Contest Honorable Mention

I couldn't resist giving out just one more Vegan Lunch Box award and free cookbook! This one goes to Christine in Arizona, who sent in this adorable "Summer Bunny" lunch!

"I grew up in Saskatchewan Canada, where every summer at afternoon I would be seated in my mother’s kitchen enjoying one of her delicious lunches. She used fresh vegetables from our garden, warm homemade breads and juicy fruit from the farmers market, which have also become some of my favorites as I continue to cook and grow. This Summer Bunny lunch was inspired by the cool Canadian summers in Saskatchewan that I miss terribly.

"Starting from the top left, I made carrots out of Granny Smith and Gala apples, held together with toothpicks. Next I made a salad with organic red leaf lettuce with chopped sugar snap peas, cucumber and radishes. I sprinkled Galaxy brand Veggie Shreds (parmesan, mozzarella and romano flavored) for that yummy cheese texture. For the dressing, I used Annie’s Organic Pomegranate Vinaigrette, which was delicious!

"On the bottom left I made a bunny-shaped sandwich (Athenos humus spread, sliced tomato and cucumber between whole wheat bread), a filled a mini watering can with sliced carrots (every bunny’s favorite food!), all over a bed of alfalfa sprouts. For dessert, I made two mini servings of organic rhubarb crisp, a HUGE childhood favorite of mine, sprinkled with granola and ground cinnamon. I also added some of Annie’s vegan chocolate chip bunny grahams for a little variety! And for the drink... Soy on the GO Cappuccino (also comes in chocolate and vanilla)."
Is that incredibly adorable or what? Thank you so much, Christine, for sharing your work of edible art with us!


River (Wing-It Vegan) said...

It's so cute! I love it!

Laci said...

OMG! That lunch is like the picture perfect easter lunch! If my whole family were vegan (I wish!) I would want to make something like that for easter! Maybe I'll bring some inspiration next spring... Thanks!

K said...

That is amazing. Truly amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Scuba Diva said...

On LiveJournal, someone wanted to know if Galaxy was making vegan romano now—she said all their stuff previously had casein; I'd like to know that too.

If so, we're living in a brave new world of vegan cheeses!

Anonymous said...

This is just so sweet - perfect Easter lunch! All the lunchboxes have been great.

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing yet another beautiful and inspiring lunch. I am not vegan, but I am definitely loving the new and improved lunch ideas. I bought the original Vegan Lunchbox cookbook because I was such a fan of your fabulous ideas. Keep up the great work.

Jessie said...

If only I had gotten a lunch like that growing up!

Anonymous said...

Nice Easter lunch...i got hungry just lookin at that picture.And thats quite a performance considering that im not vegetarian

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Good To Go said...

Awesome Lunch! love the bunny... Anywho just wanted to let everyone know about Good To Go, an awesome VEGAN/VEGETARIAN/RAW restaurant in Huntington Beach!
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Armchair_Archives said...

This is my favorite contest lunch winner! Great aesthetics! I feel like making a bunny sandwich now! :)

dandelion said...

looks cute, but more of a snack than lunch!

if anyone can invent an "all you can eat vegan lunch box' i am so way there!

Unknown said...

One person said IF MY FAMILY WAS VEGAN, I'D MADE IT. Hello???
Anyone can eat it. It's okay for meat eaters to eat vegetables some of the time. Why are people so indoctrinated to eating M-E-A-T with every meal? It won't kill you to miss a meat-meal; in fact, it may not kill you.
Sorry to rant.