Monday, December 22, 2008

Lunch Box Survey

Check out this fabulous lunch box survey form (pdf) from FamilyFun that you can print out and include in your child's lunch box. What a clever idea!

My favorite part:
"On a scale of 1-5 how tasty was your lunch today? (check one)

5 - Awesome!

4 - pretty GROOVY

3 - just OK

2 - I ate it anyway

1 - 'HERE FIDO...' "
HA! I think "I traded it for _________ " should be one of the options.

My son would hate the absolute utter cuteness of this form, but I bet there are kids out there who would love it. If anyone gives it a try, let us know how you rate!

Thanks, Chelee, for the link!


Laci said...

Hi Jennifer-
That survey is so cute! I think my daughter would agree, hopefully rating tomorrow's lunch box as a 4-5- christmas themed, inspired by your book! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
P.S. Do you still make your son's lunch in the bento box style, with every thing so cute, organized ans themed? You should publish a sequal to your first book! =]

Meredith Peruzzi said...

I have a favor to ask, would you please talk about your favorite soy jerky? I have tried both Tasty Eats and Primal Strips, I prefer the taste of the Primal Strips but the healthier nature and fun texture of Tasty Eats. Do you have any others you like?

Sindy said...

Cute! Although kids may think it's cheesy, they'd be lucky to have a parent that cares about what they like or dislike! I always got the same dry sandwich and apple, which I sadly admit, often ended up in the garbage to be replaced with a Snickers and a soda. I was terrible, but not abnormal!

Jennifershmoo said...

Hi, Meredith -- I think we've tried every vegan jerky out there, and my son's favorite is Tofurky Jurky:

He liked Primal Strips, too, but not half as much as the Tofurky brand.

Jennifershmoo said...

>>P.S. Do you still make your son's lunch in the bento box style, with every thing so cute, organized ans themed? You should publish a sequal to your first book! =]

I'm working on one, actually!

My son is homeschooled full time now, so he doesn't often go anywhere where he needs a lunch. I'm afraid at ten he's also much too "cool" for the really cute themed lunches. I'm waiting for my niece to start going to school so I can make her cute girl-themed lunches! :-)

Meredith Peruzzi said...

Thanks! I don't think my local stores carry the Tofurky Jurky so I will order some online. I didn't even know they made one! Jerky is just fun, you know? :)

wael said...


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drepublic said...

i've been reading your blog forever, and finally got your wonderful book as a christmas gift. thanks for all you do!

lae21 said...

I wish my mom would have included something like this in my lunches! I gag even thinking about pb&j, and can barely eat pb on bread years after eating pb&j every day for lunch.

Tamara Anderson said...

where can I buy those cute lunch boxes?

Al Fox said...

Hi Jennifer Schmoo!

I *love* your blog, and have followed it for years. My New Years resolution is to try as many new recipes as possible, and so far I have thoroughly enjoyed (for the first time) your vegan fondue and your golden chestnut soup (although I put a bit too much in the blender in one go, and the kitchen looked like the kid from the Exorcist had visited - oops, I should have read ALL your instructions first).

Our nieces and nephews are enjoying their Christmas-present Laptop Lunch Boxes, and their parents are thumbing through their Vegan Lunch Box books for wonderful healthy ideas ...

Thank you for inspiring us all!

m2c said...

HURRAY! :D My daughter (10 yrs old) suddenly announced this weekend that she wants "to become a vegetarian. Starting today."

I've been careful not to push my veganism onto her at all, so this has really been her own decision.


HELP! :eek: What do I put in her lunches now for protein? I've been relying on lean, organic meats, an occasionally cheese or egg-containing foods.

She hates beans in every form (except steamed edamame and very smooth, very bland hummus from the grocers').

She doesn't like nuts (licks the salt off of them & throws away the nut). Peanut butter (or tree nut butter) sandwiches would be acceptable once or twice a week, but not every day.

I don't want to replace the organic meat I served her with equally unhealthy processed "fake meat". Plus she doesn't like many of the fake meats anyway.

I don't want to start serving her cheese or eggs every day (would like to use serve her no cheese, but since she despises all leafy greens, I don't know any other way to get calcium into her. Fortunately, though, cheese is the only dairy product she likes).

She won't eat most of the vegan suppers I make so family dinnertime is already a daily battle.

I already own & LOVE) the Vegan Lunchbox book (in fact it's what inspired me to start packing our lunches each day). However, I guess she is a much pickier eater than Schmoo because she has not liked many of the recipes I've tried.

I'm sure there are solutions to this dilemma, but I can't seem to summon the creativity to think outside the (lunch)box.

So, I'd love to hear ideas from Jennifer & the rest of all of you.

Fast preparation is critical, since I work FT+ outside the home and am in grad school. And we don't have a freezer other than the little one that's part of the fridge.

Or if you know of good ways to "manipulate" your kid into eating beans or greens, I'm all ears! :)

(Sorry for the long post... guess I'm both really happy and really stumped!)

finnigan said...

I laminated mine and then packed it with a dry erase marker. No need to waste anymore paper! It was so cute that I packed one in a dinner basket I made for my sister.

Neot said...

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