Thursday, September 01, 2005

Macaroni & Peas

Macaroni & peas with "Amazing Mac 'N Cheez Sauce" (from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook by Jo Stepaniak), seedless watermelon balls, baby carrots with a little extra cheez sauce for dipping, roasted peanuts, and some chocolate alphabet cookies for dessert. Beverage: strawberry "Silk Alive" soy yogurt drink.
I knew I had a winner when he wanted to eat his lunch for breakfast. 5 stars.


Diz Rivera said...

OMG - I love this so much. My little girl just started 1st grade too and I'm in love with your lunches. I love the reviews by Schmoo, I love the variety. I'm going to print out every single picture and replicate them all. Did I mention I love this . . .?
xoxo, madness - visiting from PPK

middleclassjoe said...

Amazing!! My offer to do chores in exchange for lunches still stands.

Unknown said...

I'm so amazed at little Shmoo's eating habits.

Melonary said...

My hubby loves peas with pasta.

Anonymous said...

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