Monday, September 19, 2005

Beans & Dogs

One of Little shmoo's favorites today: hot vegetarian baked beans with veggie hot dog bites. Alongside are green beans, organic tortilla chips, and chocolate banana pudding (he says he'll make an exception to his banana-hating policy if they're covered in pudding!).
"I liked it!" Hey, what's not to like? Oddly enough, the tortilla chips were the one thing he didn't finish. 4 stars.


Anonymous said...

You make the best lunches - I found your blog last week and couldn't wait for little shmoo to go to school today to see what he would be having! Fabulous!
Where did you find his thermos- it seems like the perfect size for lunch soups... and I love soup.

Jennifershmoo said...

Thanks, Briana! Isn't that thermos the best? It holds 8 oz. -- just right for lunch soups. I got it at our local Fred Meyer grocery store.

{m} said...

I found you via ---
I love that you're using the Japanese bento-inspired laptop lunch box! (I discovered them not too long ago too and would've gotten one except decided to improvise with our plastic containers.) Also, great school lunches!

lonna said...

What a great lunch. Very kid friendly and very healthy. Heck, I'd even eat most of this, and I am one very picky vegan.

Anonymous said...

Hi..i stumbled upon your blog after searching for the "top vegan/vegetarian" colleges in the country..out of im a senior in high school and am appylying to colleges..anyways..i was wondering what brand of veggie hot dogs you used because i bought a package of "smart dogs" the other day and cooked them and just didn't really like the taste so i was wondering if you had any suggestions thanx
-Dayna Roberts

Anonymous said...

My son often doesn't finish the tortilla chips. Maybe he gets bored with all the chewing?? :)

Unknown said...

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