Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Triple Chocolate Cupcakes

Today was noon release, so no lunch box today (we went out for vegan burritos at Taco Del Mar, woo!). Instead of the regular lunch box, here are pictures of the two birthday cakes I plan to include in the cookbook: Triple Chocolate Cupcakes and Pineapple Celebration Cake. The chocolate cake is so good, even omni members of my family ask for it for their birthday! Little shmoo's birthday is in the summer so he won't be bringing them to school to share, unless we decide to have an Unbirthday Bash.


Anonymous said...

These cakes are gorgeous, and I'm looking forward to the cookbook! You're going to publish that fall-leaf pastry recipe, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

My birthday is in April... Do you think that Pineapple Cake would hold up in the mail up to Ontario?

Can't wait for your cookbook! (Also, just wondering...are you going to call it The Vegan Lunchbox? Cause I just love that my humble opinion :)


Anonymous said...

Can we pay you for food?!?!?

Anonymous said...

I have cosmos growing (still!) in my front yard, despite the hail and freezing rain on Western New York, and they're looking pretty delicious right now.

do you have an estimated date for your cookbook? do you have a publisher yet?

Anonymous said...

I get the vegan burrito at Taco del Mar too! They just opened about a year ago here in AZ and we love it. As they are franchises, they may vary, but here the two closest ones (1 mile away and 3-4 miles away) are very sanitary, friendly, and are knowledgable about food safety. It's a great place to go, but hard for me to imagine you even eat out!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but I am THOROUGHLY impressed with what you've done. The only vegan food I've been exposed to is from a Sodexo (large, corporate, gross) cafeteria. I never thought that vegan food could be so tasty looking. I'm now seriously considering going vegan, maybe you have some tips about the transition?
Thanks so much, keep up the GREAT work.

Anonymous said...


If you ever need an extra recipe tester i would be more than happy to offer my services! I promise to still buy the cookbook and recommend it to all my friends! Pretty please?

Molly said...

the anticipation of this book is killin' me. don't tease us like this with these gorgeous pictures, gaahh.

Anonymous said...

the cakes are beautiful!!!
and i love it that anonymous considers going vegan because of your food pics and recipes.
it is so cool when people grasp how great vegan food can be - that's why i keep feeding my omnivore co-workers with cakes and cookies...tomorrow we'll have a waffle lunch party. they don't know yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Speaking about Sodexo, about which I know nothing, reminds me of getting vegetarian meals on United Airines. Were they awful. Every time the same unknown entree that was guaranteed to sit like lead in the stomach. One trip they didn't have whatever it was on board, so they gave me a hallal meal (like kosher, only for Muslims), was that good. Not vegan, but at least vegetarian. Their chef must not have a clue about vegetarianism.

Okay, the local columnist at the local newpaper posted a column about thanksgiving dishes, with a swipe about nothing worthwhile for vegetarians. She normally is okay, so I am wondering if anyone has good Thanksgiving recipes I can send her? (I go to friends or relatives and skip anything with meat, etc. in it, so I'm not a source.) Thanks.

Harmonia said...

OMG! YUM! I am even less of a baker than a cook. I'm so jealous! LOL

Your fam is so lucky!

I am thinking of having a veg*n potluck (I'm the only one I know of but thought it would be fun to invite omnis)

Any suggestions? Also, take a look at my blog - yesterdays post Re: an upcoming wine party...I need sugestions of vegan alternatives to bring for sidedishes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not leaving us hanging on an early release day! I really am going to have a hard time during the summer.

I am also a non-veggie, but very open to trying new things and slowly transitioning. I like that with the variety of these meals you know you have got to be getting so many more vitamins and nutrients. I feel healthier just looking at them.

I just laugh when non-veggies make comments about how can veggies get all the nutrients they need. I would guess 95% of the time it is their diet that is lacking.

Thanks for everything you do to help teach and encourage. And I can't wait for the cookbook!

Jennifershmoo said...

Hi, kay -- the fall leaf pies are definitely in there!

Hi, ashlee -- yes, if everything goes as planned it will be "The Vegan Lunch Box". I like it, too!

Hi, T! It's so great that you're thinking of moving to veganism. I would recommend going to the local library and checking out everything you can get your hands on. You can also get free vegetarian how-tos from several places on the web. Just do a search for "vegetarian starter kit".

Wiebke, an office waffle lunch party sounds sooo fun! I just got a copy of "Vegan With A Vengeance" and it has some great-looking waffle recipes.

Karen Anne, I posted a list of Thanksgiving links at our local group's website that you might find helpful:

Thanks, scoutmama! I agree, I think most of the meat-eaters I know eat the same few foods over and over again, with relatively few vegetables and fruits and only two grains (wheat and rice). We love variety, and I think it provides us with a wider variety of nutrients (of course, we take a daily vitamin for backup and B12).

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, these cakes are so beautiful! I am very curious about the frosting on the pineapple cake. And I am also glad to hear that the leaf pies will be included! I am so addicted to this blog!

Mistrmind said...

The pineapple cake looks good.

The flowers even look good enough to eat.

Anonymous said...

Having tasted both of these, they are stupendous! My kids and dh actually prefer your cakes over my own non vegan cakes. Hmmmm makes you wonder.

Harmonia said...

R-C yes, I got your message and your 2nd one posted nicely! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am a science teacher but when I taught a class i would have a party in June for the students who had birthdays in July and in September for the students who had birthdays in August.
Maybe suggest this to his teacher?