Monday, September 19, 2005

Beans & Dogs

One of Little shmoo's favorites today: hot vegetarian baked beans with veggie hot dog bites. Alongside are green beans, organic tortilla chips, and chocolate banana pudding (he says he'll make an exception to his banana-hating policy if they're covered in pudding!).
"I liked it!" Hey, what's not to like? Oddly enough, the tortilla chips were the one thing he didn't finish. 4 stars.


Anonymous said...

You make the best lunches - I found your blog last week and couldn't wait for little shmoo to go to school today to see what he would be having! Fabulous!
Where did you find his thermos- it seems like the perfect size for lunch soups... and I love soup.

Jennifershmoo said...

Thanks, Briana! Isn't that thermos the best? It holds 8 oz. -- just right for lunch soups. I got it at our local Fred Meyer grocery store.

lonna said...

What a great lunch. Very kid friendly and very healthy. Heck, I'd even eat most of this, and I am one very picky vegan.

Anonymous said...

Hi..i stumbled upon your blog after searching for the "top vegan/vegetarian" colleges in the country..out of im a senior in high school and am appylying to colleges..anyways..i was wondering what brand of veggie hot dogs you used because i bought a package of "smart dogs" the other day and cooked them and just didn't really like the taste so i was wondering if you had any suggestions thanx
-Dayna Roberts

Anonymous said...

My son often doesn't finish the tortilla chips. Maybe he gets bored with all the chewing?? :)